Acknowledgements. Home weather observation and measuring activities create interest for elementary-level students and give children practice in collecting data and making predictions. Steps. This has developed into a much deeper, scientific interest in the subject. What makes physics difficult for some and easy for others is the same thing- approach. 1) Since a teacher could not make all students in a class understand the concepts because of their difference in IQ. So, individual attention should be given after class hours. An engineer by qualification and voracious reader, Vamshi Krishna wants to make an impact on our education system by bringing positive change in the students. Arrows representing all external forces are shown. “ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. Finding an experienced mentor can help increase your interest in the research process. Relate the topic to yourself. Most high school students complaint about their difficulty in mastering physics. Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Different forces exerted on the same mass produce different accelerations. He is technology savvy and also interested in human psychology. Developing interest in physics Interest is a motivational variable that refers to a psychological state of engagement or predisposition to re-engage in a certain task, event, or idea (Hidi & Renninger, 2006). (a) Two children push a wagon with a child in it. Given below are some methods that can be implemented in your study habits to make learning physics as interesting experience. 3. WAYS OF DEVELOPING INTEREST AND ENTHUSIASM IN ANY SUBJECT. What’s important to note here is not only the method of proving propositions to learn physics, but also the drive to do so. Method 1 of 3: Finding General Areas of Interest for Research. As a child, I would often read books about space and astronomy and wonder what made it possible. How did you develop an interest in education, intelligence, and psychometrics, and what kinds of projects are you working on in these areas right now? This concept will be revisited many times on our journey through physics. … Or the students should … Vamshi Krishna. Much of this manuscript is based on the first author’s Ph.D. thesis whose development was supported by the co-authors (Dou, 2017 Dou, R. (2017).The interactions of relationships, interest, and self- efficacy in undergraduate physics (Doctoral dissertation). Cross-curricular connections can provide students with a sense of context while increasing interest in all classes involved. You can develop an interest in research by relating your work to something that interests you personally. The system of interest is the wagon and its rider. 1. Whatever gains we can make in improving student understanding and appreciation of physics cannot help but improve the public perception of physics as a useful, interesting, and above all comprehensible human activity. 1.Master the … ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. They consider physics as the most difficult subject next to mathematics. I thank my many teachers at Stanford for helping to cultivate my interest in the field of physics education. It’s clear that Einstein’s curiosity wasn’t merely to perform adequately, but to develop a deep understanding and intuition about physical concepts.

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