Many tree-like shapes connect the walls together closer to the ground. Colonies: Klavius 7 • Pink Diamond's Garden • Pink Diamond's Zoo • Unknown Ocean planet (The Reef) • Moebius Planet • Unknown City planet • Upsilon 9 • Unknown Jungle moon During "The Trial", Yellow Pearl writes down every event that takes place and tells Steven to state his name for the records. The only case seen so far was when Steven (posing as Rose Quartz) was tried in front of Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, acting as both judges and plaintiffs, with a Zircon being Steven's defense lawyer and another Zircon as the prosecutor of the case. The planet has a pink-colored atmosphere breathable by humans, and a similar level of gravity to that of Earth. Gems reshaping themselves outside their respective purpose was considered an insult to the Gem's intended form. Garnet points out Homeworld in the night sky and reveals that it is in another galaxy of its own, instead of the Milky Way. It was created and has been maintained by Relic Forums user Arioch and comprises of information on all the official ships in the Homeworld universe.. For months after they became roommates, they created art together and watched TV. Homeworld is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Studios on September 28, 1999, for Microsoft Windows.Set in space, the science fiction game follows the Kushan exiles of the planet Kharak after their home planet is destroyed by the Taiidan Empire in retaliation for developing hyperspace jump technology. Homeworld: Aquamarine's Ship • Attack Pod • Destiny Destroyer • Diamond Palanquins (Blue Diamond's Palanquin • Pink Diamond's Palanquin) • Diamond Ships (Blue Diamond's Ship • Pink Diamond's Ship • White Diamond's Ship • Yellow Diamond's Ship) • Emerald's Personal Shuttle • Escape Pod • Gem Warship • Hessonite's Warship • Homeworld Dropship (Ancient Gem Colony Ship) • Roaming Eye Resources are dwindling on Homeworld. There's no way anything on Earth can stand up to it! In an unknown amount of time later, it was shut down by Pink Diamond, now in the persona of Rose Quartz, and her followers. Her "smiling" at her reflection is a common action for primates unfamiliar with mirrors: this gesture shows they possess a sense of self and permits them to see a part of their body – their teeth – that is normally hidden from sight. It is proven true in "The Answer" by how the members of Blue Diamond's court reacted to Ruby and Sapphire fusing for the first time, finding the fusion between two different Gems abhorrent. In an Alternate Reality where Homeworld comes 13 years earlier than canon. Перевод от команды Т.О. Homeworld's environment is similar to the sci-fi futuristic world of Studio Ghibli's animated music video ". Other: Garnet's Realm • Malachite's Realm • Pearl's Dimension • Pink Dimension • Warp Space, Please don't add hypotheses in the articles. The only official work produced in the Homeworld Universe is that of the games and the material associated with them (i.e., strategy guides and manuals). Pearls are treated as slaves on Homeworld, and the fact Pearl worked directly for Rose before raised some questions for some viewers. Next, the Diamonds dismantled their armies and ceased colonization of other planets. While on the moon retrieving vital information on the Cluster, Peridot explains that Gem physiology is designed for the express purpose of aiding Homeworld's interstellar conquering. Steven was happy because for the first time he was visiting his mother's home planet and could see his aunts and grandmother. Plush Toys: Master of Ceremonies Bear Bear • M.C. As noted in "It Could've Been Great", once suitable planets were located, they were exploited through facilities known as Kindergartens (which drains a planet's resources to create new Gems) and are terraformed to be made fit for Gem settlements. First Pearl states that the disabled colony ship is still on earth and that they are attempting to repair it in order to rescue Steven from homeworld, but that this plan is not viable. Some Era 2 Gems are given technological enhancements to make up for their inferior nature. Interestingly, "Crystal Systems" are the classifications of gemstone structures, of which there are seven, each having characteristic shapes. The Rubies sent to Earth from Homeworld reveal that they were sent by Yellow Diamond to find Jasper (who is the head of the "failed" Earth mission to escort Peridot). After the events of "Change Your Mind", the Diamonds realized the error of their ways thanks to Steven, and completely dismantled Gem society. Please try again. According to Lapis Lazuli, it had become even more advanced since the Rebellion to the point of being unrecognizable when compared with the time that Lapis left, now possessing further technological achievements such as the Gem Warship and Gem Destabilizers. Gem Homeworld According to Peridot, Homeworld has records containing information. Steven uses his mind powers to get help from the other Crystal Gems while still stuck in the Prison Tower. She also tells Steven, Peridot, and Amethyst that every Gem is made to serve the Great Diamond Authority. The dropships come in the color that matches their commanding Diamond. As Rose Quartz clutched Bismuth's gem behind her back, she knew she had a choice to make. The actual surface of Homeworld is dead, wasted, and abandoned, presumably from the Kindergartens draining the planet's natural nutrients. The stars are similar to what may be a map on the Galaxy Warp. 2:38. 1–2 weeks. • G.A.L.S. Peridot tells Steven and Amethyst that Homeworld's resources are depleting and newer generation (Era 2) Peridots lack basic powers and abilities. Cartoon episodes. Homeworld is shown at the start of the movie when White, Blue, and Yellow try to convince Steven to stay there in the palace with them. The Crystal Gems (minus Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli), along with the Diamonds, travel to Homeworld to discuss the cure to corruption with White Diamond. Although the color may be a factor, it is currently unknown how gems are specifically distributed between the courts of each Diamond. It is currently unknown what kind of catastrophic event has caused the planet to be shattered to the degree shown.